Best Weight Fat Camp for Michigan Families!

Looking for the best fat camp for your Michigan child?

Michigan Teen Fat Camp: Jump Start Your Fitness at Camp Pocono Trails

Fat Camp Defined

A “fat camp” is a place where young Michigan people go to have fun, make new friends, and learn about health and fitness while losing weight. Many young people up through young adults may benefit from a weight loss camp. These camps work through a dedicated program of diet, exercise, and education. At Camp Pocono Trails we call our program a “weight loss camp” as opposed to a “fat camp.” This is because we believe framing the issue with positivity is more helpful than using a negative term like “fat camp.” While we do use the term on this page, we would never call a camper “fat” at our program. We even employ qualified therapists to work on self-esteem and positive body image at camp.

We love campers from Michigan at our fat camp. We are truly a fat camp for Michigan teens, adolescents, and young adults. We can help Michigan campers figure out transportation to our camp and ensure you feel right at home at Camp Pocono Trails!

Located in Pennsylvania, many Michigan teens are getting fit and having fun at Camp Pocono Trails fat camp! There are more than 101+ activities for teens to discover at this summer camp. Many of the activities offered will give your teen an opportunity of a lifetime to try new things like a challenging ropes course, climbing wall, aerobics classes, Zumba, water polo, and much more.

Camp Pocono Trails is a non-competitive environment where having fun participating in a sport and doing your own personal best is more important than winning. So, even if your teen has not experienced an activity before this is the place to try something new. Maybe your teen has been inactive and is not in good physical condition. The supportive staff at Camp Pocono Trails wants to help your teen reach their physical fitness goals. The staff to camper ratio never exceeds 1:4. Instructors in aerobics classes and on the field know how to accommodate the level of intensity for all campers so that each camper can maximize their workout while avoiding risk of injury.

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Camp Pocono Trails has a Technology Track for Teens from Michigan with Cellphone Addictions

When you look around your teen’s bedroom is there technology everywhere? From Alexa, to iPhones, laptops to kindles, apple watches to Airpods, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4, VR, etc. In this technology era, today’s teens are more immersed in devices than any generation before. Though they are adept at using a wide range of devices, not all teens know how to balance technology and live a healthy lifestyle.

One main disruption technology causes in the bedroom is sleep deprivation. There are bad habits that form in this private space that leads to staying up late. For example, when your teen routinely falls asleep with the TV on or stays up late for midnight gaming sessions you may have some problems. When the cell phone buzzes late at night and your teen often finds the irrepressible urge to instantly respond, they may be sacrificing much-needed sleep.

Michigan parents are investing in their teen and sending them to Camp Pocono Trails this summer. When technology use is not able to be controlled or restrained by your teen you may experience disruptions in school performance, relationships, weight gain, sleep deprivation, mood swings, hygiene, responsibilities, disorganized environment, etc. At Camp Pocono Trails your teen will get support and learn how to manage technology use.

At Camp Pocono Trails your teen will establish healthy habits that will replace the bad habits caused by technology overuse. Learning to unplug all devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime rituals is something they will do. Establishing healthy bedtime rituals to help their body calm down like taking hot showers or baths, reading a book, or reflecting in their journal. Campers will learn to avoid stimulants after dinner such as caffeine and sugars. When your teen returns home they will know how to create a bedroom environment that focuses on sleep.

By removing technology from the bedroom that disrupts sleep and relocating it to other rooms inside the house, your teen will be making smarter choices. Likewise, by using an old-fashioned alarm clock instead of a cell phone step-by-step your teen will replace bad habits with healthy habits. Campers will return home rested, rejuvenated, physically fit and with a new perspective about how technology fits into a healthy lifestyle!

How Much do I Exercise at a Fat Camp?

Fat Camps for kids and teens are not designed to be boot camps; campers will be working out, but not overworked. Physical activity is an important part of the weight loss process. Campers need to burn more calories than they take in for weight loss to be effective. For campers to keep the weight off, they need to find activities they will want to continue upon their transition back home.

Camp Pocono Trails seeks to make exercise fun through activities, sporting events, competitions, and games. Campers may not even know they are exercising when attending Camp Pocono Trails. This is really the key for long term weight loss. Campers must find an enjoyable activity they embrace and will continue in the long term. In this respect, they must find a workout activity they don’t really consider a “workout.”

Often, this is a sport or game they can play with a group. Having the group influence helps keep campers motivated and participating in the sport or game of their choice.

It can be difficult finding a sport or game that is offered back home. This is why we try a wide variety of activities at camp. Sometimes, a solitary activity like jogging or yoga is the best match for campers that are limited by geography or other environmental factors.

Your child can be at ease about any exercise concerns at fat camp. We encourage each-other to bring out our best and work hard, but we would never force a camp into doing something in which they are uncomfortable. Surprisingly, almost all campers participate in the Camp Pocono Trails 5K race at the end of camp.

Are Fat Camps Evidence-Based?

Fat Camps are weight loss camps specifically designed for the physical and emotional support of adolescents, teens, and young adults. At Camp Pocono Trails we provide a structured environment for kits to have corrective experiences so that they can experience weight loss success. Losing weight is difficult, and we provide the structure needed for proper education, nutrition, fitness, culinary training, and motivation to live at a healthy weight. The long-term results of Camp Pocono Trails are astounding. Our weight loss camp is so effective because we hire the top staff in their respective fields from across the globe. Some campers may struggle with exercising, while others may struggle with eating right or developing the psychological motivation to change. At Camp Pocono Trails we have staff to focus on all of these areas.

Families from Michigan find the best fat camp option at Camp Pocono Trails where we serve 600+ campers per year!

What’s the Typical Day at a Fat Camp?

From the moment we wake up, campers are on the move at Camp Pocono Trails. We make activity fun. We realize not everyone is excited to wake up and start the day with physical activity, so we use group support of friends young people make in their cabin to support and encourage each-other to try out everything.

Every day will consist of a combination of low-calorie meals, fun exercise activities and games, and classes designed to help campers learn skills to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle upon returning home. While children may be reluctant to be away from home for multiple weeks, Camp Pocono Trails and our experienced staffers understand how to combat homesickness and keep kids busy.

Campers wake up at 7:45 am and participate in multiple “activity periods” per day. Every camper gets to try most, if not all activities at camp. Some activities are optional like our challenge course or zip lines. Favorite activities often include swimming, wake boarding, tubing, golf and Zumba class.

Activity periods extend through the day. Campers also participate in nutrition and optional self-esteem classes. We do a fun activity in the evening like skits, drama activities, and more. Lights go out from 10 to 10:30 pm depending on the camper’s age.