Best Fat Camp for Maryland Families!

Looking for the best fat camp for your Maryland child?

Maryland Fat Camp: Teens Get Healthy at Pocono Trails!

Maryland families looking for a fat camp frequently come to nearby Camp Pocono Trails. This summer get in the car with your teenager and drive about 3-hours north until you reach the beautiful northeast mountain region of Pennsylvania known as the Poconos Mountains. In this serene location on 350-private acres of wooded mountains, your teen is going to experience the best summer they ever had. Making friends and having fun while adopting transformational healthy habits is what your teen will take away from Camp Pocono Trails.

Camp Pocono Trails is accredited by the American Camp Association. Owners Tony and Dale Sparber have dedicated their lives to Camp Pocono Trails since 1992 and want their campers to enjoy a quality experience. Tony and Dale invest in the best amenities and staff that a resort summer camp can offer. Since 1992 they have invested into making improvements year after year to provide campers with such amenities as two swimming pools (one for boys and one for girls), private lakefront access where water sports are unlimited, sports equipment, courts, and fields for all types of sports. Campers have it all here.

Fat Camp Defined

A “fat camp” is a place where young Maryland people go to have fun, make new friends, and learn about health and fitness while losing weight. Many young people up through young adults may benefit from a weight loss camp. These camps work through a dedicated program of diet, exercise, and education. At Camp Pocono Trails we call our program a “weight loss camp” as opposed to a “fat camp.” This is because we believe framing the issue with positivity is more helpful than using a negative term like “fat camp.” While we do use the term on this page, we would never call a camper “fat” at our program. We even employ qualified therapists to work on self-esteem and positive body image at camp.

We love campers from Maryland at our fat camp. We are truly a fat camp for Maryland teens, adolescents, and young adults. We can help Maryland campers figure out transportation to our camp and ensure you feel right at home at Camp Pocono Trails!

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Are Fat Camps Effective?

Fat Camps can be extremely effective. At Camp Pocono Trails, we offer at multi-disciplinary approach were nurses, personal trainers, coaches, nutritionists, counselors and more address the underlying issues behind weight gain and the roadblocks to keeping the weight off.  So yes, fat camps can be very effective providing a structure, nurturing environment for long-term weight loss. Generally, the more buy-in we can get from our campers the better the long term results. This is why Camp Pocono Trails is so fun. We have over 101+ ways to have fun at camp all for the purpose of creating buy-in and getting positive results.

As a Maryland resident, you will find no better fat camp alternative than Camp Pocono Trails for your child!

Fun Extra Trips for Teen Fat Camp Participants

We have so many fun and exciting activities for adolescents and teens at Camp Pocono Trails! Special Events at Camp Pocono Trails include: Fourth of July Fireworks Extravaganza and Show, Camp Dances, Color War!, Talent Shows, Carnival Day, Game Shows, Camp Drama Production, Bunk Skits, MTV Night, Camp Olympics

Out-of-Camp-Trips include: Broadway Shows, Camel Beach Water Park, White Water Rafting, Paintball, End of Summer Mall Shopping Trip.

Our mission at Camp Pocono Trails is to create fun and memorable trips the campers will look back fondly of. We strive to create a positive environment conducive to long-term change. Buy-in is extremely important for us. We’ve found that campers are more willing to participate when they are having fun and creating positive memories.

You can sign your camper up for one or more out-of-camp trips, but please give us a call first to ensure the trip is planned for the time span in which your child is in attendance. You can reach us at 1-800-365-0556 or complete a contact form.

Maryland Teens Get Back On Track At Camp Pocono Trails

How Much do I Exercise at a Fat Camp?

Fat Camps for kids and teens are not designed to be boot camps; campers will be working out, but not overworked. Physical activity is an important part of the weight loss process. Campers need to burn more calories than they take in for weight loss to be effective. For campers to keep the weight off, they need to find activities they will want to continue upon their transition back home.

Camp Pocono Trails seeks to make exercise fun through activities, sporting events, competitions, and games. Campers may not even know they are exercising when attending Camp Pocono Trails. This is really the key for long term weight loss. Campers must find an enjoyable activity they embrace and will continue in the long term. In this respect, they must find a workout activity they don’t really consider a “workout.”

Often, this is a sport or game they can play with a group. Having the group influence helps keep campers motivated and participating in the sport or game of their choice.

It can be difficult finding a sport or game that is offered back home. This is why we try a wide variety of activities at camp. Sometimes, a solitary activity like jogging or yoga is the best match for campers that are limited by geography or other environmental factors.

Your child can be at ease about any exercise concerns at fat camp. We encourage each-other to bring out our best and work hard, but we would never force a camp into doing something in which they are uncomfortable. Surprisingly, almost all campers participate in the Camp Pocono Trails 5K race at the end of camp.

Parents of Maryland teens can all attest to dealing with resistance when it comes to making positive changes at home. Camp Pocono Trails can help. At camp, your teen will meet other teens just like them who are dealing with the same setbacks. Naturally, teens will support one another in this camp setting. Also, they will develop friendships and these factors will promote the healthy habits they adopt at camp. These healthy habits will take hold and your teen will return home eager to show you the new habits they are proud to share.

If getting your teenager back on track to a healthy lifestyle is your desire, then send them to Camp Pocono Trails!