Best Fat Camp for Kentucky Families!

Looking for the best fat camp for your Kentucky child?

Seeking a Kentucky Fat Camp? Traverse to Poconos Mountains!

Located in PA, we are the best option for a Kentucky fat camp. This summer many Kentucky teens will meet other teens across the nation at Camp Pocono Trails in Pennsylvania. Teens from around the country have discovered that this summer camp offers everything they have ever wanted. Located on 350-acres of private wooded mountains they will discover many activities ranging from water sports to a challenging ropes course, excursions to Broadway musicals and so much more.

Camp Pocono Trails is a resort-style camp with private lakefront access. Other groups and organizations do not share these amenities. Campers can chose to swim, kayak, ski, fish, and do other activities here like water polo and much more. There are also two swimming pools and boys and girls have their own. In addition to water sports, there are other activities such as lacrosse, tennis, soccer, basketball, and more.

Fat Camp vs. Weight Loss Camp

A “fat camp” in Kentucky describes a summer camp experience for adolescents, teens, and young adults striving to get in shape and lose weight for good. Campers in attendance may be struggling with obesity, body image issues, or self-esteem concerns due to their weight. We chose to use the phrase “weight loss camp” over “fat camp” at Camp Pocono Trails. Calling a child “fat” can be hurtful and make the child rebel against the program. While we do use the term “fat camp” on this page, we are much better described as a weight loss program. Our program strives to be 100% positive in all aspects.

Our fat camp gets a lot of campers from Kentucky. So many in fact that we made this page just for you! Kentucky families find a home away from home at Camp Pocono Trails. Without a doubt your child will find other campers from Kentucky and make fast friends. We accommodate campers from Kentucky every year.

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Do Fat Camps Work?

Fat camps work to help kids lose weight and keep it off through a combination of fitness, nutrition, and education. At Camp Pocono Trails, we are proven to be effective not just for losing weight during the weeks at camp, but also for helping the weight stay off upon returning home. If you check out our Transformations page you can see the astounding results we have produced. Our results are due to our 20+ years of experience in the field of health, nutrition, and long term weight control. At Camp Pocono Trails we don’t use fear or “boot camp” approaches for weight loss. Instead, we motivate and inspire our campers to be their best and develop long-term strategies for weight loss that will stand the test of time.

Families looking for a fat camp in Kentucky will find that Camp Pocono Trails is your top choice. We have been around longer than 99% of summer camps, we are ACA accredited, and we have thousands of past campers who give us glowing reviews every year!

Fun Extra Trips for Teen Fat Camp Participants

We have so many fun and exciting activities for adolescents and teens at Camp Pocono Trails! Special Events at Camp Pocono Trails include: Fourth of July Fireworks Extravaganza and Show, Camp Dances, Color War!, Talent Shows, Carnival Day, Game Shows, Camp Drama Production, Bunk Skits, MTV Night, Camp Olympics

Out-of-Camp-Trips include: Broadway Shows, Camel Beach Water Park, White Water Rafting, Paintball, End of Summer Mall Shopping Trip.

Our mission at Camp Pocono Trails is to create fun and memorable trips the campers will look back fondly of. We strive to create a positive environment conducive to long-term change. Buy-in is extremely important for us. We’ve found that campers are more willing to participate when they are having fun and creating positive memories.

You can sign your camper up for one or more out-of-camp trips, but please give us a call first to ensure the trip is planned for the time span in which your child is in attendance. You can reach us at 1-800-365-0556 or complete a contact form.

Video Game and Cell Phone Addiction Treatment for Kentucky Teens

Many Kentucky Campers just need to stop tap, tap, tapping on their cellphones and immerse themselves in the healthy environment at Camp Pocono Trails. Camp Pocono Trails understands that breaking old habits can be challenging, but with support from experts in the field and other teens who also want to see self-improvement you can accomplish your self-improvement goals.

Often campers that overuse technology tend to be overweight and in need of restful sleep. The serenity of a mountain escape is a great way to detach from old habits and discover healthy new activities that can replace them. Many teens are in need of a “digital detox” but completely unplugging is not a long term solution to chronic overuse of technology. At Camp Pocono Trails, campers learn how to self-monitor and regulate screen activity. Licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapists (CBT) will support your teen to develop strategies to balance the amount of technology they use with scheduling time for healthy activities.

If your teen spends endless hours playing video games, checking social media websites, or texting friends on their cell phone invest in him or her. This summer help your teen break away from the routines in Kentucky and explore healthy living at Camp Pocono Trails.

How Much do I Eat at a Fat Camp?

Most camps give campers three real meals per day. Meals are specially designed by chefs and nutritionists to ensure that a low-calorie diet can still give kids enough healthy energy to stay active during their stay. The combination of healthy meals and heavy exercise ensure a net-negative calorie intake and steady, maintainable weight loss.

Campers at Camp Pocono Trails can eat as much as they like. However, food is cooked properly and main portion sizes are limited to the appropriate amount. But campers can have all the salad they would like.

It is very rare that we ever hear of a camper being hungry at camp. We offer three meals a day along with three snacks. Campers are also required to carry water bottle with them and keep hydrated.

We eat a lot of traditional foods at camp, they are just prepared in a way that is healthier. For example, nothing is fried at camp. Instead we grill, steam, or bake.

We also don’t serve soda at camp. When we do have items like cheese or milk, we use that fat-free alternative. Finally, we teach campers how to prepare their own meals so that they can implement the changes they learn at camp back home.

If your child has any anxieties about food served at fat camp you have assure them that our portions are substantial, our food taste great, and they will learn recipes they will want to show you when they return home. Our culinary component is truly a highlight of camp.