Best Fat Camp for Hawaii Families!

Looking for the best fat camp for your Hawaii child?

Top Fat Camp Serving Hawaii Teens

Looking for a weight loss camp in Hawaii? Hawaii teens burdened by the weight of technology overuse find a worthwhile retreat at Camp Pocono Trails in PA. Traditionally this summer camp has helped thousands of teenagers devote their summer to losing weight and getting fit. This new image summer camp promotes healthy lifestyle choices and this unique environment is designed specifically for teenagers. It has always supported teens along their journey to self-improvement. Now more than ever teens need support with technology.

Fat Camp vs. Weight Loss Camp

A “fat camp” in Hawaii describes a summer camp experience for adolescents, teens, and young adults striving to get in shape and lose weight for good. Campers in attendance may be struggling with obesity, body image issues, or self-esteem concerns due to their weight. We chose to use the phrase “weight loss camp” over “fat camp” at Camp Pocono Trails. Calling a child “fat” can be hurtful and make the child rebel against the program. While we do use the term “fat camp” on this page, we are much better described as a weight loss program. Our program strives to be 100% positive in all aspects.

Our fat camp gets a lot of campers from Hawaii. So many in fact that we made this page just for you! Hawaii families find a home away from home at Camp Pocono Trails. Without a doubt your child will find other campers from Hawaii and make fast friends. We accommodate campers from Hawaii every year.

Camp Pocono Trails proudly introduces the Summerland Program to support campers who strive for a healthy balance with technology. In general, the inactive lifestyle of gamers and technology overuse is associated with weight gain and other serious health issues. Camp Pocono Trails is equipped to handle this challenge in a safe environment where making healthy changes is going to be the best time of your teenagers life!

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Hawaii teens that have technology overuse habits will participate in groups with trained counselors. The Summerland Program is optional, however, it is recommended for any technology overuse your teen struggles with. The camp counselors will lead campers through a set curriculum on behavioral change. In these activities your teen will develop insight and weigh the costs and benefits of using technology. They will consider the time spent on technology and how the same amount of time could be applied to other goals. For example, many teenagers are setting goals to achieve higher grades, or to improve their scores on college entry exams. The new insight gained by the Summerland program helps teens to make the changes they need to improve their life.

Having some time away from screens is one of the most valuable aspects of a summer camp for weight loss. With our technology track, campers learn how to self-regulate their screen time by keeping a journal and limiting their time to predetermined levels.

Camp Pocono Trails gives teens an opportunity to pursue different activities and to get a break from technology. Laughing and enjoying each others company is what makes the summer camp experience special. But, Camp Pocono Trails is committed to lasting results. Taking a break from technology is not good enough. Our teens are going home will skills and strategies to engage and sustain face-to-face relationships. The beauty of the program is that our teens gain self-confidence and know they can feel good in real relationships that happen in real time. Our campers go home with a “can do” attitude to continue a journey on self-improvement.

Are Fat Camps Effective?

Fat Camps can be extremely effective. At Camp Pocono Trails, we offer at multi-disciplinary approach were nurses, personal trainers, coaches, nutritionists, counselors and more address the underlying issues behind weight gain and the roadblocks to keeping the weight off.  So yes, fat camps can be very effective providing a structure, nurturing environment for long-term weight loss. Generally, the more buy-in we can get from our campers the better the long term results. This is why Camp Pocono Trails is so fun. We have over 101+ ways to have fun at camp all for the purpose of creating buy-in and getting positive results.

As a Hawaii resident, you will find no better fat camp alternative than Camp Pocono Trails for your child!

What’s the Typical Day at a Fat Camp?

From the moment we wake up, campers are on the move at Camp Pocono Trails. We make activity fun. We realize not everyone is excited to wake up and start the day with physical activity, so we use group support of friends young people make in their cabin to support and encourage each-other to try out everything.

Every day will consist of a combination of low-calorie meals, fun exercise activities and games, and classes designed to help campers learn skills to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle upon returning home. While children may be reluctant to be away from home for multiple weeks, Camp Pocono Trails and our experienced staffers understand how to combat homesickness and keep kids busy.

Campers wake up at 7:45 am and participate in multiple “activity periods” per day. Every camper gets to try most, if not all activities at camp. Some activities are optional like our challenge course or zip lines. Favorite activities often include swimming, wake boarding, tubing, golf and Zumba class.

Activity periods extend through the day. Campers also participate in nutrition and optional self-esteem classes. We do a fun activity in the evening like skits, drama activities, and more. Lights go out from 10 to 10:30 pm depending on the camper’s age.

How Much do I Eat at a Fat Camp?

Most camps give campers three real meals per day. Meals are specially designed by chefs and nutritionists to ensure that a low-calorie diet can still give kids enough healthy energy to stay active during their stay. The combination of healthy meals and heavy exercise ensure a net-negative calorie intake and steady, maintainable weight loss.

Campers at Camp Pocono Trails can eat as much as they like. However, food is cooked properly and main portion sizes are limited to the appropriate amount. But campers can have all the salad they would like.

It is very rare that we ever hear of a camper being hungry at camp. We offer three meals a day along with three snacks. Campers are also required to carry water bottle with them and keep hydrated.

We eat a lot of traditional foods at camp, they are just prepared in a way that is healthier. For example, nothing is fried at camp. Instead we grill, steam, or bake.

We also don’t serve soda at camp. When we do have items like cheese or milk, we use that fat-free alternative. Finally, we teach campers how to prepare their own meals so that they can implement the changes they learn at camp back home.

If your child has any anxieties about food served at fat camp you have assure them that our portions are substantial, our food taste great, and they will learn recipes they will want to show you when they return home. Our culinary component is truly a highlight of camp.

Hawaii Campers Get Fit At Pocono Trails Summer Fat Camp

At Camp Pocono Trails we meet campers with a lot of experience with physical activity, some campers have little to no experience with physical activity, and everything in between. Regardless of your experience in sports or exercise, or lack of it, everyone is here to make improvements to their overall health and well-being. We help you to participate and try new things. We want you to feel safe in trying something for the first time. We want you to feel great when you take your skills to the next level.

Our campers are encouraged to participate and have fun. We are non-competitive, and we do not care about which team wins. At Camp Pocono Trails all of our campers win because in the end they have everything to gain. They did something to be better today than they were yesterday!

Only the very best camps can be accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). This is the “Good Housekeeping” seal of approval for summer camps.  Only camps that meet rigorous safety and quality standards can earn this accreditation.  At Camp Pocono Trails, we have met these standards.

We support our campers with athletic instruction from first-rate staff. Positive reinforcement helps our campers achieve goals in fitness that even amaze themselves. Our campers experience a very positive experience in weight loss and many discover abilities that they never knew they had. When Hawaii teens come to Camp Pocono Trails they leave in the best condition they have ever achieved!

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