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Looking for the best fat camp in Baltimore?

If you are looking for the best fat camp in Baltimore, you have found the best fat camp anywhere!  We are located in the Poconos in PA, just outside of New York City.  However, we serve so many campers from Baltimore that are looking for the best fat camp that we created a webpage just for customers from Baltimore.

As a parent looking for the best fat camp for your child, family, or yourself, we’d love to hear from you.  You can check out our video tour here.

Help in Finding the best fat camp for Baltimore Residents

At Camp Pocono Trails, we are the top health and fitness program in the United States. We serve campers from all over including Baltimore.  Our program has been around for over 20 years serving Baltimore families and we are fully American Camp Association (ACA) accredited.

Our program is located on 350 spectacular acres with over 100 activities.

Health and Wellness Camp for Baltimore Residents

We are close to Baltimore in Reeders, PA. We can also pick you up from the Allentown, PA airport.

Fat Camp for Teens and young adults: Self Esteem

The direct link between obesity and self-esteem has been well established. For teens and young adults especially, we see a correlation with low self-esteem, depression, disordered eating, anxiety, social isolation and more. Using the term “fat” or “fat camp for teens and young adults” only reinforces with young teens and young adults that something is wrong with them and that they are not living up to this idealized body image that the media portrays.

A Better Alternative than Fat Camp for Teens and young adults

At Camp Pocono Trails, we focus on weight loss, nutrition, self-esteem, fitness, and managing screen time. Most adolescent and teen teens and young adults growing up today spend inordinate amounts of time on their cell phone, playing video games, or on social media. This is why looking for a healthy structured alternative to fat camp for teens and young adults is so important.

As parents, we can certainly see the inevitable if we don’t intervene in the best way possible. We know statistically our child will face social, economic, and certainly physical challenges if their weight, self-esteem, or online activities are not under control when they reach independence. This is an almost certainty.

Camp Pocono Trails Aims to Be A Positive Force for Maryland Teen Weight Loss Transformation

The first step for Maryland teens at Camp Pocono Trails is to build lasting friendships. There are testimonials from staff who transformed years ago and are paying it forward by returning as a leader and an expert who can help teens on their own weight loss transformation.

An important step to weight loss is setting personal goals. Campers are coached on how to make challenging long-term goals and how to establish incremental short-term goals along their journey to success. Counselors help campers pick positive, healthy goals they want to work on and the staff helps them develop a realistic plan to move forward in their life.

Best Fat Camp Websites

The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition:

The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition is an American government organization that aims to promote, encourage and motivate Americans of all ages to become physically active and participate in sports.

Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults:

From the National Institute on Aging, learn the benefits of exercise for older adults, how to get started, exercises to try, and how to stay active.

Physical Activity: Strategies and Resources:

The CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity provides physical activity strategies and resources for state and local programs to make healthy living easier for all Americans.

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