Some notes from our campers and families...

“I want to thank you for the great, life changing experience you gave my son. Faris didn’t only lose weight, but his mental, emotional and self-esteem just changed to the better. He is simply a happier kid now. Your camp is the best in the world. You and your team made my son feels welcomed, loved, and excepted. We can’t ask for a better camp or better experience and for that we are grateful. Have a beautiful one, you and all your amazing team members.”
“Before walking into Camp Pocono Trails, I was as an obese teenager who desperately needed to make a change in her life. Going into this I was nervous and scared, but after the first week I quickly felt at home. I made friends and had the best summer of my entire life, all while being taught how to eat healthy and exercise properly. After two months of being at New Image Camp, I left 45 lbs lighter with a confidence I had never had before. When I went home I used the skills I learned at New Image Camp and in total I lost 100lbs. I finally realized at camp it wasn’t a weight loss journey that I was looking for, it was a life style change I needed. I was always doubtful that I could actually lose the weight I needed to become healthy but with the skills New Image Camp ingrained into me, I finally conquered this thought and became successful.”
“…I was insecure and knew I needed to lose weight so I went Camp Pocono Trails and now camp is like my home away from home. it’s so much fun and I made amazing friends. I’ve learned so much from this camp. I’m going to go back next summer for sure!”
“I was watching ‘Fat Camp’, and realized how much I wanted to go back and see all of my friends. Your camp truly changed my life and my mother says that I am totally different now. I’m stronger, I have more friends and I just love life. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me while I was there. By the way, I’ve lost about 65-70 lbs now and recieved the First Runner Up award in the Miss Texhoma Beauty Pageant! That is something I thought I never would’ve accomplished. I just want to thank you once more for changing my life so much!”
“This has been a great year for me. I am down 65 pounds from my heaviest but I am still working towards my goal weight. In the fall, I was on the cross country team at school and during the winter, I was on the basketball team. Basketball season just ended so now I am doing track and field and I am also doing basketball off season. Also, when is motivational mania because I want to be a speaker because I have wanted to be one since my first summer.”