For campers who choose to defy gravity

and experience exhilaration.

At Camp Pocono Trails there are endless ways to have fun while you build friendships, face new challenges, overcome fears and help build one and others confidence on a daily basis. Self esteem grows as you set new goals for yourself and prove you can achieve them. Whether it’s our Giant Swing or Zip Line across our gorgeous lake, our challenging Climbing Wall, or outstanding Odyssey Course… the feeling of going for it with the support of friends is both thrilling and deeply satisfying. You’ll be surprised by what you can do, and how much fun you’ll have doing it.

Ultimate Fitness and Fun!

The most stringent safety measures are employed for campers who choose to defy gravity and experience exhilaration and a great sense of accomplishment. Camp Pocono Trails has the largest and most extensive climbing and adventure course in the country. Our Odyssey Course, Climbing Wall and Giant Swing are the ultimate adventures. Just looking at these incredible courses is enough to jump start any day!

Each day there are five scheduled activity periods, one of which is a “free choice” period where the camper can choose what they’d like to do from all the different activity options at the camp. These activities range from traditional sports like basketball and soccer to new trends like Zumba and mixed martial arts (MMA) to exciting zip lines. Regardless of the activities and sports our campers choose, they will benefit from the exposure to the fun and variety that can be experienced with children and teen weight loss. Plan for your weight loss adventure today! Space is limited.